Saturday, February 04, 2006


Ang haba ng rest day ko, 3 days , instead of the usual 2 days. I would like to thank our company's human resource department for giving me a one day suspension due to call abandonment or failure to answer the call. The said incident should be a class-C offense, thank's for me , being a frustrated lawyer, I manage to come out of a written explanation which decreased the level of offense to class-B . Kumbaga sa totoong buhay , nakapatay ako ng tao , imbes na reclusion perpetua naging isang linggong community service ang pinataw sa'kin. Akala ko nga mapapababa ko pa ng class-A para verbal reprimand na lang , ehehe. "Dura Lex Sed Lex" ikanga ng mga tongressman nuong impeachment case, "the law may be harsh, but that's the law". Although I come out with a good explanation , I still have to pay for that single unanswered call , that's an "unsatisfied work" according to them , and I must accept that punishment, and I thanked them because I spend that whole day going to quiapo church, watching dvd's , biking , and sleeping. Sa uulitin , ehehehe.

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mystripesocks said...

alam mo kasi matanda ka na sa l2 kaya nde na nila i-lolower and parusa kasi alam mo na ang ikot ng bituka ng mga rito